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Q. How much will it cost to ship my vehicle?

A. The price of shipping a vehicle varies depending on the origin and destination location, the type of vehicle, etc. Please call us at (574)858-2563 and we'll give you a price right over the phone in just a few minutes.


Q. Will I have to pay a deposit prior to the transport of my vehicle?

A. No. We do not require you to put a deposit down prior to shipping your vehicle. We will collect the cost of shipping from you upon the delivery or pickup of your vehicle, depending on your individual circumstances.


Q. When will my vehicle be delivered?

A. The time frame for delivery of the vehicle is usually 7-10 days or less after pickup.


Q. Will there be a specific delivery time for my vehicle?

A. Due to travel variables (road constructions, heavy traffic, weather conditions, etc.) it is nearly impossible to pinpoint a specific delivery time, however the driver will call, usually a 24 hours in advance of delivery, and give you a better idea of the time of his arrival.


Q. Where will my vehicle be picked up from?

A. We pickup and deliver door to door, as long as the locations of pickup and delivery are accessible to a 75 foot long truck and trailer combination. Some residential areas are inaccessible to these trucks, in which case the driver would need to meet with you at an alternate location, such as a shopping center parking lot or travel center. If such a situation will not work for you, we can arrange terminal service at an additional cost.


Q. Do I need the title of the vehicle for shipment? Does it need to be registered? Does it need insurance coverage?

A. No, it's not necessary to have any of these items. If the vehicle is new and being shipped from a manufacturer or conversion plant, a manufacturer certificate of origin should be included. Your vehicle is covered by our cargo insurance, however we are not responsible for any contents that may be in the  vehicles.


Q. Can I have any items packed in the vehicle?

A. Technically, no. According to Federal Regulations, there should be no contents inside the vehicle, and we will not be responsible for any vehicle contents. It is illegal to ship any guns, alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia, flammable or combustible substances, or hazardous materials of any kind.


Q. What if my vehicle does not run?

A. We can transport non-running or inoperable vehicles, however there will be an extra charge for equipment necessary to load and unload the vehicle.


Q. What can I do to better prepare for shipping and receiving my vehicle?

A. Have your C.O.D. or prepayment ready before the driver arrives (we accept cash, cashier's checks, official checks or postal money orders personal check under any circumstances.)

When the driver calls to make arrangements for pickup and delivery, be prepared to give him directions to your location as we do not have detailed maps of all locations. Please keep in mind the length of the trucks when giving directions to the driver. The trucks are 75 feet long and need an overhead clearance of about 13.5-14 feet.